14. May 2024

Baltic Shorts at 2024 edition of Cannes

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania attend the 2024 Cannes Short Film Corner
25. Jan 2024

Baltic Shorts at 2023 edition of Clermont-Ferrand

Three Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - join at the Baltic stand at 2023 Clermont-Ferrand festival Film Market. Representatives of the major short film organisations and festivals of each country present on-site.
25. Jan 2023

Baltic Shorts at 2024 edition of Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival - the largest short film festival and market in the world - preparing to kick off on Friday, the 2nd of February, it will be graced by a large Baltic presence as filmmakers, festivals and industry from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all prepare to attend.