Cannes 2023




Wednesday, 24th of May

The NEW PRODUCERS ROOM aims to highlight up-and-coming producers and offer them a privileged space where they can explore the co-production opportunities in specific territories, and therefore build strong bonds for the future. In the context of the program, the producers benefit from a series of dedicated sessions centered around the production & distribution fields.

Baltic Shorts has selected 2 active short film producers from Lithuania and Estonia to the NEW PRODUCERS’ ROOM

NEVENA SEMOVA (Fat Cat Film, Estonia)
AKVILĖ ŽILIONYTĖ (Artišokai, Lithuania)

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Baltic Shorts

Baltic Shorts is a film collection containing the freshest short films from Estonia and Latvia. This year four films have been chosen to represent some of the most exciting filmmakers currently working in the region and display the creativity and unique sensibility of films from the Baltic region. Many of the films are work-in-progress or just recently finished and looking for the distribution, sales opportunities or festival premieres.

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Baltic Shorts is the collective name for the film institutions and festivals from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that present and promote the best Baltic shorts for the international film community. This year's delegation will be represented by Latvia and Estonia.