Baltic Shorts is the collective name for the film institutions and festivals from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that present and promote the best Baltic shorts for the international film community.

The Baltic countries are cooperating with the larger Baltic Sea and Nordic area short film festivals.

The Nordic-Baltic Shorts Network was founded in 2010 by eight festivals with a mission to deepen the cooperation between Nordic film festivals. The aim is to strengthen the position of Nordic short film by collaborations and networking, by exchanging information and ideas. Since the inception, the three Baltic nations have been included in the cooperation and expanded its reach.

Member festivals:
Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway
Nordisk Panorama, Sweden
The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad, Norway
Odense International Film Festival, Denmark
Skábmagovat Film Festival, Inari, Finland
Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Uppsala Short Film Festival, Sweden
Northern Wave Festival, Iceland
Riga International Film Festival, Latvia
Vilnius International Short Film Festival, Lithuania
Pöff Shorts (Black Nights Film Festival), Estonia
2ANNAS – Riga International Short film festival, Latvia
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