Clermont-Ferrand 2022




Tuesday, 1 Feb.
11:00 / G. Conchon Theatre

Baltic Shorts is a film collection containing the freshest short films from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Seven animation and fiction shorts represent some of the most exciting filmmakers currently working in the region and display the creativity and unique sensibility of films from the Baltic region. Many of the films are work-in-progress or just recently finished and looking for the distribution, sales opportunities or festival premieres.


Co-production opportunities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Wednesday, 2 Feb.14:00
Short Film Market - Forum

Whilst examining the current ecosystem of Baltic shorts, this talk will explore the co-production opportunities with the Baltic countries while exploring the new talents and initiatives that the Baltic countries offer.

With case studies and the latest facts and figures, this will prove invaluable for those wanting to work more with the Baltic countries as well as for those wanting to find out more about those projects that will be making a splash on the circuit in the months to come.

Initiated by the Lithuanian Short Film Agency Lithuanian Shorts, International Short Film and Animation festival PÖFF Shorts, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS, SHORT RIGA at Riga International Film Festival and Latvian Animation Association.


Wednesday, 2 Feb.
at Baltic Shorts stand no. 30


dir. Sergei Kibus (Estonia)
Tuesday-Wednesday, 1-2 Feb.
at Euro Connection Co-production Forum 2022

In a small apartment, a cat named Schrödinger leads a content and carefree life with a young man. Whilst all Schrödinger knows is his home, strange visions of fantastic landscapes and creatures visit him. The cat’s realities shatter when one day his human collapses and never gets up from the floor. The friendly apartment becomes a prison. Unprecedented emotions - grief, fear, and loss of love - flood over the cat. Is there a way out of the box? And if so, where does it lead?
Contacts: Kadriann Kibus, Rebel Frame, e-mail:

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Baltic Shorts is the collective name for the film institutions and festivals from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that present and promote the best Baltic shorts for the international film community.

This year the delegation of Baltic Shorts at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market consists of representatives from PÖFF Shorts (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival), Estonian Film Institute, Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS, SHORT RIGA at Riga International Film Festival and Lithuanian Short Film Agency Lithuanian Shorts.